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Dropbox Dropquest 2011 Guide - Free space for Dropbox

Dropbox had a Dropquest going on earlier tonight with some nice prices, but you can still get some free space, just by completing the guide, you will get at least 1gb.

For the really lazy, you actually only need enter the pages with dropquest2011 in their URL and it should add space to your account, though you still need to enter codes and solve the puzzles, but that’s easy when the answers are in the guide below. Also note you can’t skip any of the dropquest pages, they unlocks as you progress.

Here is the complete guide:

  1. Go to to start, which is important and click on “Let’s get started”, which takes you to
  2. 5305404/18681 = 284 - 284 is the id number of a forum topic:
  3. Look at the post from Jon Y in the forum thread and download
  4. In the zip it says 38.889, -94.703 - Those are coordinates and they mention a mascot. Lets Google Maps those coordinates: 38.889, -94.703. This School is close by and their mascot is huskies
  5. Open which is inside, with the pass "huskies" and inside is a link to
  6. Finish the puzzle (solution) and you are sent to
  7. The 3612th prime number is “33739”, it will send you to
  8. It refers to this picture from the Dropbox blog
  9. Look at the picture, in the background is a yellow paper, with an address to
  10. Solve the sudoku (you can use this solver or look at the solution), it leads you to:
  11. It wants you to go home, which means jump to the Dropbox homepage at
  12. Go there and click the link at the top where it says it’s not over, it will lead you to
  13. The “book” is this forum thread
  14. The post refers to this blog post
  15. Click on Katana-ya at item 5 for your
  16. In the is a link to and a image
  17. The image from, it’s HEX color code is "BAFF1E”, enter it and you are taken to
  18. The names are anagrams for classic composers. The classic composer for Dropbox, is CEO "Drew Houston", enter that and you are taken to
  19. The signs you see here are in braille and it says “help 206”, this is a hint for this page:
  20. Download
  21. Place the picture from the zip in a dropbox folder and share it with
  22. Hint22.txt appears in the folder, with a link to
  23. The text is a reference to Dropbox Engineer Rian Hunter which can be found at
  24. Click at Rian Hunter this leads you to
  25. The text is a reference to the brilliant SNES game Chrono Trigger and the side quest Rainbow Shell, the link to the zip is therefore
  26. In the zip you will find an address to and a midi file
  27. The key phrase is the notes from the midi file, which is: badcabbage" and this leads you to
  28. Print out the paper, fold the paper to a crane (!!) and across it’s wings it says 11696 x 96911, which equals the the code "1133471056". Enter the code and you are taken to
  29. Last puzzle! Remember those dropquest URL’s? The last letter, they form the the last code: "Dr0pbox heaRts U"
  30. And you are done:
  31. Check your score at

Have fun :)

Also check this guide I made, for even more free space.

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