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Dropbox Free space guide - Yep even more

Looks like free space and Dropbox is something people really wants, judging from my Dropbox Dropquest 2011 guide, which gives you 1GB space.

So I’ve gathered the best and pretty much every trick there is to get more Dropbox space for free.

  • When signing up for Dropbox, use a referral link and you will get 250MB free. If you don’t have a referral link, use this one:
  • Complete the Dropbox Dropquest 2011, use my guide here to get 1GB!
  • Connect your Dropbox account with Twitter and Facebook. Follow Dropbox on Twitter and do some advertising for Dropbox, all which can be done from this page. Easy 640 MB for your account.
  • Go to, make sure you are logged in and make sure you have completed the “Get Started” tour, this will give you 250 MB extra.
  • Tell your friends, colleagues, family and so on about Dropbox, send them your referral link and you will get 250 MB for each friend who signs up, plus your friend will get 250 MB. Find your referral link at the Dropbox referral page and check your status here. Do note that you can invite as many as you want, but you can “only” earn from the first 32 persons who sign up, so if you hit the limit, please use this one:
  • Activate your .edu mail or other “school mail” at this Dropbox Edu site and the referral bonus will be doubled from 250MB to 500MB. This means if you have invited 32 persons, your bonus will double from 8GB to 16GB free space!
  • Watch out for next years Dropquest, I will off course do a guide and blog about other Dropbox deals.

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